High lights key analysis consequences with areas to change for better financial outcomes.


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What is mazeROI?

mazeROI is a subscription based service supported by one to one training and coaching. It provides you with all of the tools and know-how to allow your organisation to measure the financial results and skill improvements of any training intervention.

Here is a short summary of the mazeROI assessment explaining how we determine the ROI calculation on your training;

A simple online 360°  ROI assessment without the need for extensive information gathering.

  • Secure online Assessment Process
  • Automated reply management system
  • Personal Accreditation for nominated user
  • Only 60 seconds to make an assessment!
  • Ongoing support from the mazeROI team

Comparison of individual scores from 360 degree
assessment against key matrix

  • Benchmarks outcomes with expectations
  • Measures self and managerial effectiveness in sustaining the gains back in the work place
  • Demonstrates successful management support in delivering on action plan commitments
  • Separates the initial and ongoing impacts of training and development
  • Measures the benefits of skillset improvements to the organisation

An automated calculation of the generated return on investment based on personal, group or learning intervention outcomes.

  • Assesses which courses/programmes are the most valuable to your organisation
  • Predicts the value of future training outcomes
  • Identifies your people potential and talent bank.
  • Generate management reports on training results and spend
  • Highlights where you achieve the greatest return on investment




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